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Monofilament May - Part 3

Posted by Leah on

In Part 1 of this blog series we went over what a monofilament is, and in Part 2 we covered all the different types. You decided to give it a try and have just received your new mono top wig, and love it! ;) So in Part 3 let's cover proper care, so you and your mono top can have many great hair days together!

Tip # 1: Wash with care

Avoid ever using conditioner near the cap. Conditioner, in theory, is meant to smooth and undo knots in the hair. This could cause problems with a hand-knotted cap construction. Keep the conditioner to the ends of the hair where it will need it the most. I suggest a spray-in conditioner as that helps you have more control over where the conditioner is going.

Tip # 2 Brush with care

Brushing too close to the base will loosen or pull the hair out. Just like you did with the conditioner, focus your brushing on the ends of the hair or near the nape. I prefer a plastic wide tooth comb over a wire brush near the cap as the wire brush can more easily catch on the hand knots.

What are your best tips for taking care of a monofilament top? Share your wig wisdom in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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