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It's Redhead Season!

Posted by Leah on

If you are anything like me you not only start to consider moving into darker shades as Autumn approaches, but you also start to wonder if you could pull off red hair! Did you know red is the rarest hair color in the world, with only around 2% of the population born with it?! It is also one of the hardest shades to dye because of the way it takes and maintains color. So if you are thinking about testing things out as a redhead, what better way than to use a wig to do so! Very little commitment and maintenance required! Let's show you some of the red colors currently giving us all the heart eyes!!

Jon Renau's Chocolate Cherry (FS2V/31V) looks as good as it sounds! A dark brown base with lots of bright red and violet highlights throughout. It is vibrant, and completely eye catching! Jon Renau also makes it is their synthetic and human hair styles!

(Jon Renau Ignite in Chocolate Cherry)

Jon Renau Ignite #5142

(Jon Renau Carrie Human Hair #708 in Chocolate Cherry)

Jon Renau Carrie Human Hair #708

Estetica has a ton of gorgeous red options to choose from! Their color Vogue is a standout with bright violet on top of its dark undertone.

(Estetica Orchid in color Vogue)

Starfire is a gorgeous dark brown with lots of medium fire red highlights for a rich beautiful red tone.

(Estetica Mackenzie in Starfire)

Estetica Mackenzie

If you favor a copper based red, check out Envy Collection Lighter Red shade!

(Envy Brittaney in Lighter Red)

Envy Brittaney

There is no denying Raquel Welch loves her reds! She is a great brand to check out as she covers everything from deep burgundy's, to orange based reds, bright reds, and strawberry blondes!

(Raquel Welch Voltage in Glazed Fire R28S)

Raquel Welch Voltage

Amore and Noriko's Crimson-LR have a cool ombre effect fading from a deeper red to a beautiful bright red on the ends.

(Amore Madelyn in Crimson-LR)

Amore Madelyn

Which red shade is your favorite? Let us know below!

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