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What Season Are You?

Posted by Leah on

Most of us are familiar with the idea that we are either cool or warm toned. If not, you should check out our previous blog post covering this topic. The book "Color Me Beautiful" breaks this idea down even further. It states that we all fall into one of four categories, or what Carole Jackson liked to refer to as, "seasons". You are either a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. This is determined by your undertone ( golden vs ashy), and how light or dark a level you are (naturally), specifically your hair color. This is a great way to find out what hair color options will most complement you, along with outfit and makeup choices!

The seasons are divided by undertones first. Warm skin tones are either Spring, or Autumn, and Cool skin tones are either Summer or Winter. They are then split by how much contrast there is between your skin and hair/eyes. Springs and Summers tend to have lighter hair and low contrast between their skin and hair color. Autumns and Winters have darker hair, and a bigger contrast between their skin and hair color.

SPRING (warm): A warm yellow or peachy undertone to your skin. Natural hair color is usually a light golden blonde, strawberry blonde, or warm medium brown. Eye color can be blue, green, hazel, or light brown. Will look great is bright colors, especially with a warm base. Opt for cream and brown over white and black which will appear to stark against your warm tone.


(cool): A pink or blue cool undertone to your skin. Naturally light blonde to ashy brown hair. Eyes tend to be blue, grey, hazel, or green. Pastels will complement the summer season best, especially blues, pinks, and purples.

AUTUMN (warm): Yellow or peach undertone to your skin. Hair is often auburn,red, or warm dark brown. Your eyes tend to be light brown, green or dark blue. Autumns are most complemented by earthy tones, such as olive green, or brown. Orange will also be just the right pop for Autumns!

WINTER (cool): Pink or blue undertone to your skin and dark brown, true black or grey hair. Blue, grey, hazel, green, or black brown eyes. High contrast between skin, hair and eyes. Deep colors, and jewel tones such as ruby, or emerald green are the go to colors for Winters.

Image via Cardigan Empire

Keep in mind these are just a rule of thumb. Of course the number one rule is, there are no rules! Although certain colors will complement certain tones, going with what you enjoy, and feel comfortable in is always most important!

Until next time! :)


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