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Beating the Heat Part 2

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Believe it or not, we are already over half-way through summer, and temperatures are soaring. Even here in Minnesota we have finally thawed out! ;) In our last post Erin suggested trying the classic bob cut to go shorter for summer. It's a great read, check it out if you haven't yet! But what if you are finding a full wig too hot altogether, or are looking for an alternative option while doing yard work, or hitting the beach? Here at Name Brand Wigs, we will always have options for you!


Halos are a band of hair that wraps around your head. They are open on top. This allows for air circulation, and will keep things cool. They are also great for outdoor wear as you can change up the hat, bandanna, or wrap you wear over it.

Rene of Paris Halo Bob #736 Rene of Paris Halo #733

Hat with Hair!

If you would prefer hair with the hat already attached Henry Margu has some great options! Affordable and durable; you can chose between hair length, texture, and hat color!

Henry Margu Hat with Hair

The Headline It

This nice liner for inside your cap reduces odor causing bacteria, protects wigs from dirt, oil, and sweat stains, and is made out of ultra-thin breathable material!Headline It (#HWL)


A 100% capless cap gives you tons of open wefting. This keeps the cap extremely light-weight, and allows for air flow.

Capless Wigs

What are your favorite tips for beating the heat? Share in the comments below!

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