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Breast Cancer Survivor - Tiffany Wendt

Posted by Emily on

Breast Cancer Survivors story of Tenacious Hope & overcoming fear- Tiffany Wendt

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, so we want to share with you a story of Tenacious Hope!

Tenacious is described as “to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely” and HOPE is “a confident expectation for a certain thing to happen.” 

Recently, I met Tiffany Wendt and heard her inspirational story of Tenacious Hope and overcoming fear. Tiffany is a mother of five, and was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 34 so, 2017 was a year of battle. Throughout the year of treatment she experienced fear like she never knew before. 

At one point she said "I can't live like this", but her faith allowed her to overcome her fear and here are 3 points she shared with me:

1. Counter balance the fears or thoughts by "collecting promises"

2. Watch your confession

4. Complete surrender

Collecting promises is like finding hope in the midst of the darkness; it helps you hold onto hope. Focus on the good things more than the bad. Surround yourself with loved ones to encourage you in time of weakness. 

Watching your confession means being very intentional about what you think on and speak. Our words carry so much power, speak life & encouragement over yourself. 

Complete surrender is letting go of the things you cannot control and resting in a place of peace that everything will be OK.

Tiffany just celebrated her 2nd doctor's appointment where all her blood-work and numbers looking perfect! She is cancer free!

Many of us are, or know someone that is, facing breast cancer, and perhaps sharing Tiffany's story will bring encouragement and strength to overcome fear!

Here is a link to Tiffany's video testimony:


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