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~ How do I take care of my wig?
~ Can I return or exchange my hairpiece? 
~ What is the difference between synthetic and human hair?
~ What are the different kinds of wig caps?
~ How do I know what color to choose?
~ How do I know what size to choose?
~ Can I cut, color, or perm my hairpiece?
~ How do I know which wig fits best with my face shape?
~ What about Toppers? 

How do I take care of my wig?

Human Hairpieces
Human Hair products can be treated as you would treat your own hair, but wigs have been processed many times and are vulnerable to damage. Using specialty products for processed hair and using special care with your products is recommended.

Synthetic Hairpieces:
Synthetic wigs and hair pieces are heat sensitive.High temperatures can cause the fibers to fray or in extreme cases even melt.Stay clear of high heat from cooking stoves, curling irons and other intense heat applications.

Comb or brush with products made for synthetic hair.Using an incorrect brush can frizz out the piece.Wide tooth brushes or picks work best or you can simply finger through the piece to restore the look.

Shampoo after 10 wears depending upon amount of wig spray or mousse applied.

To shampoo:
Fill a basin of mild shampoo and swish gently in water.
Rinse thoroughly in cold water.
Gently shake hairpiece out. Drip dry. Do not brush hairpiece when wet.
Brush into desired style when completely dry.
Curls will snap back into position when the hairpiece is completely dry.

Use only shampoo, conditioner and detangler that are specifically formulated for synthetic hair.

Store hair similar to the way it is to be worn.

Can I return or exchange my hairpiece?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchases. Creating lasting relationships with our customers is our goal.  If you are thinking of doing an exchange we treat it as a new order, so you would be refunded once we receive your return and the new order we can help you with or you can place the new order online. As long as the item(s) are still in the original factory condition we will be glad to make the exchange.

1. Factory condition includes the following description.
- Item remains in brand new condition.
- All original tags must be included and attached.
- Item cannot have any fragrances
(examples: cigarette smoke, perfume, etc.).
- Item cannot have any hair spray, gel, or other products applied.
- Original packaging must be included.
2. Please note: If we receive an item that does not meet the above requirements, we reserve the right to send the item back to you and charge you $6.95 for the return shipping & handling.
3. Each item exchanged / returned will have a 15% restocking fee per item, with a $9 minimum
4. Please contact us via phone or email within 30 days to let us know about your exchange / return.
5. Please include the following in your return package.
- Your piece with the original box and / or packaging.
- A copy of your invoice.
- A note stating the reason for your exchange / return.

Please call us Toll Free at 1-866-597-9447 if you have any questions!

What is the difference between synthetic and human hair?

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic wigs are easier to care for and lower priced. The monofilament fiber "hair" used to make synthetic wigs has "memory" which means it maintains its wave or curl, texture and volume, requiring minimal upkeep. Synthetic wigs, however, are not designed to accept a permanent wave or color change and can be permanently damaged by the use of curling irons, blow dryers or hot rollers.

Human Hair
Human hair is the most natural looking option. It can be cut, styled, permed or colored to suit your personal taste. Human hair wigs are more durable than synthetic wigs. However, human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs and require more care. They have to be shampooed, dried, styled and conditioned, just like your natural hair. They can lose their style if they get wet and frizz on humid days. If you feel that you are not able to provide the care required of a human hair wig, there are human hair-synthetic blended wigs that offer a natural look and will retain the style better than a 100% human hair wig.

What are the different kinds of wig caps?

The cap is the base of the wig onto which hair is attached. Wigs are available with several different types of caps and the hair of the wig is then attached to the cap using various techniques. Each cap type has its own distinct advantages. On most wigs, hair is attached in "wefts." These are strings of hair doubled over and sewn closely together in long strands. This string is then machine sewn, hand sewn or hand tied horizontally onto the vertical lines of a wig cap.

A standard cap is the most common and most affordable cap design. The layers of hair are machine-sewed onto the cap, which has a closed lace layer at the crown. The hair is pre-designed into a specific style and the crown is often lightly teased or crimped so you cannot see down through to the cap. This type of cap often gives the hair a natural lift at the crown for volume.

A capless wig is very similar to the standard cap design. However, instead of the closed lace layer at the crown, it has vertical lace strips with open spaces between the wefts. The open-wefting in the crown, back, and sides allows for maximum ventilation. This makes the cap lighter weight and cooler than a standard cap.

Monofilament caps are constructed using a thin, breathable nylon or polyester mesh material at the crown that gives the illusion of skin and assumes the wearer's natural scalp color by partially revealing the scalp below. Monofilament caps offer the most natural look as well as styling versatility because each hair is individually hand tied at the crown so the hair can be parted and brushed in any direction. The entire wig may be hand tied, or the wig may have a monofilament crown with wefted sides and back. Monofilament wigs are an especially good choice for those with severe or total hair loss as the cap is soft, unlike cloth material, which can be itchy to those with sensitive scalps.

How do I know what color to choose?

As you are looking at our hairpieces, there will be many colors to select from. Each of our brands has a page with sample images of all their colors. Due to variations in web browsers, computer operating systems, and computer hardware, the image that is shown may not be an exact representation of the color of the product. If you are trying achieve an exact color match we recommend purchasing the color ring for the hairpiece you are interested in purchasing.

How do I know what size wig to choose?

Wigs should be worn on your natural hairline in both the front and the back. The average wig size will fit most customers. If your measurements don't match exactly to the chart, choose the larger size. All wigs have adjustable Velcro or hooks straps that can do small adjustments.

Before you measure, make sure to flatten your hair, use a cloth tape measure and do not pull the tape measure, just rest it over or around your head. Pulling stretches the tape and will give you the wrong size.

1. Measure around your head at the hairline. The "around your head" size of every wig can be adjusted up to 1" larger or smaller to ensure a secure fit. The tape should be just above the ear and along your natural hairline

2. Measure your head from the nape over the crown to the top of your forehead where your natural hairline is.

3. Measure your head from the top of one ear, across the top of the head (crown) and to the top of the other ear.

Head Size

Around the Head

Front to Back

Ear to Ear

Child/Ultra Petite






13 1/4"



21 1/4"

13 3/4"

13 1/4"


21 1/2"

14 1/4"

13 1/2"


22 1/2"

14 3/4"

13 3/4"



15 1/4"


Can I cut, color, or perm my hairpiece?

If you're considering cutting or thinning your wig, we recommend you look for a stylist who is experienced in cutting wigs. Synthetic hair is not designed to accept a perm or a color change but human hair can be colored or permed to your personal tastes.

How do I know which wig fits best with my face shape?

1. Pull hair back and secure with pins or a headband so hair is completely off the face.

2. Stand 12" from a mirror and look straight into it or have someone take a picture of you facing straight into the camera with your hairline showing.

3. Outline your face with a marker on the mirror with tracing paper, or on the photo.

4. Now look at your face shape in the mirror or photo drawing. Choose the shape that most closely resembles your own. If your face is a combination of shapes, choose styles based on the following criteria, which most flatter your particular shape.

Wigs Hair Style for Oval FaceOVAL FACE ---- Oval is considered by many to be the ideal and most versatile face shape, since nearly every style looks becoming on this facial shape. Hair pulled back or worn in an updo shows off the oval face the most. In long styles, a great classic look is a center or side part with hair touching shoulders. The short-layered looks with curls and a close extended nape focus on this oval.

Wigs Hair Style for Roundl FaceROUND FACE ---- This shape is round at the cheeks and a has a circular form. There is more of the face near the ears and gradually less curving upward and downward. The goal: to slim your face. Hair below the chin line should be worn with a face-lengthening center part; for hair above chin line, wear an off-center part to interrupt the roundness. Height at the crown and a bare forehead lengthen and slim the face. It's best to avoid short and sleeked-back hairstyles. In short-angled styles, you are best seen with hair brushed away from the face, building extra crown height to narrow the roundness of your features. Though bangs shorten the face, you can wear curly, tousled bangs or a soft wispy fringe. Always avoid full, straight-falling bangs. Wear longer styles closer to the face to give length.

Wigs Hair Style for Square FaceSQUARE FACE ---- This face is characterized by an angular jaw and square brow, with jaw and brow being nearly the same width. The goal: soften the sharp angle of jaw line and minimize squared-off brow. Hairstyles which emphasize the cheekbones mid-line of the face are most flattering. Bangs and waves at the temple also soften the square. Wear your best styles with hair swinging forward onto the face to reduce the angles. Hair length is best about 1-1/2" below the chin, or extending to shoulder length to reduce and soften the squareness of your jaw. Hair worn on the forehead is always perfect for you, as long as it is wispy or fringed. Never wear straight bangs. Hair turned under at the bottom also will narrow the width of the jaw. Styles in loose curls and waves add extra dimension to the square face.

Wigs Hair Style for Pear Shape FacePEAR-SHAPED FACE ---- This shape has a wide chin and a narrow forehead. The goal: narrow the chin and widen the forehead. Wear your hair wide and full at the top of the head and temples, brushed away from the face and up toward the ear to widen forehead; from the ear, angle hair forward toward the chin to soften and narrow a strong jaw. Styles which are wide and full at the chin will emphasize the width of the jaw line, and should be avoided. The wedge styles, which are brushed away from the face and give width at the forehead are perfect for this facial shape.

Wigs Hair Style for Heart Shape FaceHEART SHAPED FACE ---- This is a triangular-shaped face. This face is narrow at the jaw line, wider at the eye line, cheek bones and even more at the brow line. The goal: diminish forehead width and create a wider, fuller jaw effect. Soft bangs flatter this shape, whether curly or smoother. Or wear a side part with soft three-quarter bangs swept over one side to balance your forehead width. The styles should be fuller at the jaw line. Upswept at the sides and off the forehead further emphasize your feminine appeal . A medium length to mid-neck is your best look. Fullness at the bottom, with hair directed forward onto the cheeks gives you the appearance of a wide chin. The soft layered bob styles are ideal. Or if you prefer, curls or loose waves, shaped from the ears down, add width and fullness to your chin.

Wigs Hair Style for Oblong FaceOBLONG FACE ---- This shape is long and thin, often with a chin that tends to look pointed. There is very little difference in width between the top, middle or bottom of your face but it is more rounded than the square face. Hairstyles should add width and fullness to the sides of the face and around the eyes, cheekbones and ears. This shape benefits from a low side part, with a sweep of hair brushed across the forehead and secured with a comb. The look of volume with an asymmetric flow of hair to one side widens your face and reduces length. Straight-falling bangs or bangs blended with the sides of your hair, shorten the overall face length. Your best hair length reaches to the middle of the neck. Favor volume with curly or wavy styles that are very becoming, giving you the illusion of balanced width. Wide curly bob styles are ideal for this shape.

What about Toppers?

Top pieces have several different options:

1. For front coverage we recommend clip-in bangs and fringes such as:

EasiHair Extension - EasiBangs #350 - Human Hair

EasiHair Extension - EasiBangs #350 - Human Hair

Estetica MagicBang2

Estetica Wigs Magic Bang 2

HairDo - Modern Fringe #HXMDFR

HairDo Extensions - Modern Fringe #HXMDFR


2. For partial coverage we recommend a small base top piece like:

Aspen - Human Hair Straight Magic II #CHP-09

Aspen Wigs - Human Hair Straight Magic II #CHP-09

EasiCrown 12

EasiCrown 12" HD #380


2. For full top coverage we recommend a large base top piece such as:

Ellen Wille Wigs - Close (Top Piece)

Ellen Wille - Close (Top Piece)

Ellen Wille Wigs - Effect (Top Piece)

Ellen Wille - Effect (Top Piece)

EasiHair - Top Form #743

EasiHair - Top Form 6"-8" (#743) - Remy Human Hair

Toppers are perfect for clients that want extra body, volume, and coverage for fine or thinning hair or partial hair loss, or, for those who just need a little extra lift.

Toppers feature pull through integration to pull your own hair through the piece, and naturally blend. This adds more fullness and volume to your style.

This feature can be found in pieces like:

Jon Renau - Addition (#601)

Jon Renau - Addition (#601)

Jon Renau - Pull Thru (#205)

Jon Renau - Pull Thru (#205)

Aspen - Hair Secret II (#CP-30)

Aspen - Hair Secret II (#CP-30)

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