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Wig Care Instructions

Wig Care Instructions

Synthetic Hair Products: 

Synthetic wigs and hair pieces are heat sensitive.  High temperatures can cause the fibers to fray or in extreme cases even melt.  Stay clear of high heat from cooking stoves, curling irons and other intense heat applications. 

Use a comb or brush made for synthetic hair.  Using an incorrect brush can frizz out the piece.  Wide tooth brushes or picks work best or you can simply finger through the piece to restore the look. 

Shampoo after 10 wears depending upon amount of wig spray or mousse applied.

To shampoo:

Fill a basin with water and add mild shampoo and swish your wig gently in water/shampoo mixture.
Rinse thoroughly in cold water
Gently shake hairpiece out
Drip dry
Do not brush hairpiece when wet
Brush into desired style when completely dry
No setting is necessary; curls will snap back into position when the hairpiece is completely dry

Use only shampoo, conditioner and detangler that are specifically formulated for synthetic hair.  

Store hair similar to the way it is to be worn.

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Human Hair Products:

Human Hair products can be treated as you would treat your own hair, but wigs have been processed many times and are vulnerable to damage.  Using specialty products for processed hair and using special care with your products is recommended.

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